Belmont Community of Schools Acknowledgement of Country

After receiving a grant for digital media, the Belmont Community of Schools came together to create a visual arts project, targeting Aboriginal students.

As a collective, we decided to create an Acknowledgement of Country for our Community of Schools and get it professionally filmed.

The development of the project started with an excursion to the significant sites in our local area, with Uncle Nolan Simon and Kentan Proctor from Bahtabah Land Council telling the students their knowledge of the local sites.

The kids then had a workshop creating their own Acknowledgements. From these, the staff involved created one Acknowledgement that represented the Belmont Community of Schools. This was filmed by Newcastle School Portraits, who created this video for us.

The kids then went on to create a mural featuring the Acknowledgement, for each school to hang up in their school.

Story contributed by Kody Anning from Belmont High School. Published in 2019.